During Vacation Bible School (VBS) at my Cornelius Community Baptist Church (CBC or CCBC) in like the early 1990's, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) ran onto the stage to like talk or sing or whatever one day in like June or July of maybe 1991 or whenever it was. I was kind of surprised being like six years old that year in 1991, assuming it was that year. It happened like only one time and it happened so fast.

Getting Dressed

But I think I kind of saw some of the people getting dressed into their TMNT before and/or after their performance. before the main meeting, we probably had snack time. I was curious for a second but didn't really know what was happening. On our way to the sanctuary, I remember seeing people getting dressed into the TMNT outfits. And yet still, when we saw the turtles run onto the stage, I was kind of excited and scared and confused and stuff.


It was probably just a few church adults in TMNT costumes and not the actual TMNT Coming Out of Their Shells world tour thing which happened in 1990 on August 17 via Pay-Per-View and later on VHS. I have always loved the turtles since I was very small.

TMNT Tour 1990.png

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