Sometimes we can be selfish and not realize it. Selfish people often confuse self love when it comes to the area of their interest. We can be selfish in many areas but all one's actions point in one direction - Wanting everything to themselves regardless of other people's comfort. It's okay to love oneself but when our interest starts to affect that of others, it becomes a different matter. To overcome selfishness, one needs to understand that other people desire the same good and comfort that we seek. Our selfish nature often Wants an unequal share of resources or opportunities and would not have concern if the others suffer from his actions.

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Selfishness is demonstrated in every sector of life today. In politics, in the workplace, in school, among individuals, in the industry, etc. People would fight to any length to ensure their interest finds the top position. In offices where tribalism and religiosity is in power, in such settings, selfishness dwells. The common thing about selfish people is the "I" in their pursuit. It's always "I" and not "We". So you hear something like "I deserve, I should be, I am, etc." It's always themselves and hardly gives room for the interest of others to be prioritized.

The funny thing about selfish people is that they either see their actions as being smart, or a natural love for oneself. Unfortunately, selfishness doesn't pay in the future, one realizes all their pursuit has been in vain and leaves them with no true friend.

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