Witnessing 1st Oct., 1960

I imagine the possibility of riding back to October 1,1960, to witness an important moment in the history of Nigeria. This day was the day Nigeria gained its Independence.

This remarkable event marked the end of colonization and gave birth to sovereignty. Being a witness to the birth of a new beginning would have been an awesome experience. From stories read and heard, Nigeria's journey to this freedom wasn't an easy one; it was full of challenges and sacrifices made with the desire for liberty.

Stepping back to that day would be a privilege to gain insight from those who fought for the freedom of the masses. Gracing the joy and happiness in my fellow Nigerians' faces



That moment of witnessing the replacement of the Union Jack with the Nigerian flag would be a great sight to behold. Seeing great leaders like Nnamdi Azikwe, Tafewa Balewa, and Ahmed Bello, among others, who played a great role in directing Nigeria towards independence

Also, being part of that great historic moment would open me to realizing the challenges faced by leaders and citizens since gaining Independence and what we are facing now. All the cultural heritage we are enjoying at present has its roots in the 1960s.

Witnessing the beautiful attire of different ethnic groups, the dividing of Nigeria into six geopolitical zones, and different local dishes from diverse tribes are all historical and worth witnessing.

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