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I know that life situations and struggles can make someone feel or see life to be meaningless and with this mindset there would be no reason for self love. They just accept the way it presents itself to them.

Self-love - How important do you think it is for people to have self-love

But I know there are also lots of people who don't fall in this category. No matter how tough life presents itself, they still have this self esteem in them.

Personally, self care is very important and I don't joke with it. I don't need to have too much before I take care of my mental and overall well being.


When one cultivates a self love habit, it helps one build his emotional state. With self love, coping with what life throws at us becomes easy. When you love yourself, it helps reduce dangers of mental stress like anxiety, depression, and fear. With self love, one tends to have a more positive view on life.


How do you cultivate your self-love?

Personally, one way I cultivate self love is by doing what I love most. I find this inner peace of mind in doing things that make me feel good and alive. Also, staying around people that motivate me more than those that demotivate makes me love and value myself more.

Do you think you can tell if someone has self-love or not? How do you know

Answering the question if I can tell if someone has self love or not. My answer would be that it's very possible to identify people who love and value themselves. These people are seen with positive traits that define who they are and how they want themselves to be seen. Few of the qualities that can be identify in someone that has self love are:

These people have a high level of self confidence in themselves. They carry themselves not with pride but as people that know who they are and value who they truly are.

They set limits to certain things. You dare not take their simplicity, meekness, kindness or whatever they decide to show you to fool, mistreat or disrespect them.

Loving ourselves and appreciating who we are is something we should be doing without waiting for anyone to remind us how hard working we are, how we look and how we are. You don't need anyone to inform you before you know who you are and value who you are and what you have.

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