QC Contest #44-| The Path to Success

The road to success isn't an easy one, as it is filled with so many setbacks, accomplishments, and joy at last. It requires consistency, perseverance, and hard work. No one can be successful without passing through difficulties.

As I imagine the road to success, it can be like the parable in the Bible; while sometimes it can be smooth, it can also be rocky at other times. The only encouragement is that each step brings about advancement and sets up new obstacles to overcome.


While working towards to overcoming obstacles on the road to success, we are left with fear, doubt, and uncertainty about what the end result will yield. But working tirelessly, expecting both success and failure, will help fight discouragement, as there is no success without failure.

Being with people that share the same mindsets as me helps me see the possibilities in walking these rocky road. Making an impact in the lives of others is my way of defining being successful. The road to success is a path that helps us discover our true selves, and embarking on this journey requires a determined mindset. It is good to firmly hold the bull by the horn, staying strong, and working towards positive impact we want to make in life.

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