Therapy of Self-Love.

Self-love is a two-sided coin in which it can be so easy and most difficult. It can as well be misinterpreted. You could actually get involved in a lot of things thinking it's self-love. On the other hand, you could deprive yourself a lot of things hoping it is self-love. Either ways, I cannot say which situation or circumstance best suit one to love self.

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Just as the name implies, self-love simply implies loving one self. To yourself affection, attention, give yourself a treat, respect and uphold yourself while avoiding any and every negative outcome directly or indirectly affecting you.

Personally, to exhibit self-love, one has to exercise a tiny or even significant amount of selfishness because you focus all attention to yourself. Self-love is one of the best therapy we need to live a happy and a fulfilling life.

Without self-love, our lives would probably not be valued. This is why self-love is very important to our lives. Self-love gives you a sense of life, joy, fulfillment and takes away the feeling of depression. It is out of self-love we find life meaningful and interesting. Self-love makes us hopeful, purposeful and relevant. When we don't love our selves, it's like we are neglecting ourselves and how would people love you, pay attention to you, respect you when you don't love yourself.

Self-love is important because it is the foundation to build confidence and to approach life. Where there is no self-love, the tendencies of suicide is high. Cultivating self-love is comparatively and relatively simple. It is necessary to note that how one cultivates self-love different from another. What grows self-love in me differ from another person. Hence, all Individuals need to identify what makes them happy and give them love.

The simplest ways to build self-love is from childhood. This is the reason parents are encouraged to help their child through sports, hobbies, recreation to build self-love. This also works for adults. However, difficult. Many adults often channel their energy to building self-love through anger or a contrary means until they attend therapy.

To grow self-love, one needs to settle down and identify what makes him happy and easy going. If you channel your energy to alcohol, hard work, anything that diverts your happiness for the temporary, then your self love is questionable. Self-love brings peace of mind and not for the temporary moment.

Telling if one has self-love is very easy. Unless your subject of study is a very great and excellent actor. Such kind of persons are often timid, easily intimidated, lack confidence and often display low self-esteem. They are always seeking for many activities to distract their minds from real life challenges. People who have low self-love easily consider giving up and some even consider suicide especially when a lot of things are not going for them as planned.

This is in response to weekly contest on Self-love in #QCCommunity.

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