Don't Get Carried By Achievements


Greetings to all the members of the community and beyond am glad to be among you this time. I have heard so much about the community,now I decided to come add my voice here.

The topic for discussion this time is very interesting. Everyone in life do have one thing or the other they are looking forward to achieving, a man without vision will follow every shadow as shadow most times are deceptive. So Achievement is as a result of resilient pursuit of vision. In pursuing vision distractions may set in but the ability not to allow the distractions for too long will help one reach his destination on time.

To the question, what I do when I achieve a thing. Am not a kind of person that throws party at a slittest achievement. A times when I achieve a thing especially those that gave me much concern I get so happy and I do well to share with my friends and family for them to rejoice and with me also. Immediately when am down celebrating,I get to think of the next target to set for myself. Setting this targets helps me to make the best use of every opportunity and at the time am not counter as someone that wants the.

As the new week is starting I already have a set goal for myself, I will celebrate my achievement with my spouse by the end of this new week.

Hope I have done Justice to the topic so far, am glad you visited my blog. See you next time.

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