QC Community Weekly Contest #46 : IF I COULD INVITE 3 PEOPLE FOR DINNER

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Hello hiveans, welcome to another episode of the QC weekly contest which states:

What if - What if you could invite 3 people to dinner (from any time, country, etc.), who would you invite? Why? And, what would you talk about?

This seems like a tricky question but one that also requires one to think about it more carefully. We all aspire to have a special moment with special people in our lifetime. This opportunity affords one to wish for her heart desires.

Ermmmm I think i would invite a special friend, Jesus(lol) and the movie star Denzel Washington. I believe these are the people that would come to mind. I chose a special friend because there is someone who is always there for me but I haven't had time to repay the person. I believe a lovely dinner date and a nice time out would help with some catching up and deep appreciation from my end.

Yeah...the second person I would love to go on a date with would be Jesus christ, I definitely have a lot of questions to ask. Alot has been going on lately both personally and in the world at large that seeks answers. It would be a pleasure though but we achieve that through spiritual means.

Thirdly, I have been a huge fan of Denzel Washington, I literally watched most of his movies from his younger days and I can say that he is talented and worthy of emulation. Even actors attests to his brilliant and intelligent performances. He also gives good advices.

These are the three people I have in mind to invite if given a chance. I would have said family and friend but they are always here with me and always appreciated.

Thank you for stopping by my blog...

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