Hi great minds,
I am delighted to share and participate in this important prompt for this week which affords me the privilege to delve into the past and see perhaps something I could change.

I must commend the management team of this our beautiful community for their consist efforts in ensuring quality delivery most especially in the areas of weekly engagement.

Every human being under the surface of the earth has a past or history that can be traced either positively or negatively. What makes life beautiful and enhance good living is tied to the kind of life lived which is a major component of history.
History begins from conception till when one dies off from the earth realm though this is my personal perception.

I don't think I have anything too important in the past that I'm regretting or wishing if I could rewind the hand of the clock to play back again.
My believe is that tomorrow is better than yesterday and today therefore I press on ahead forgetting the past.

I would prefer to talk on the history ahead. The history to be established by myself and the available possibilities that lies ahead of me. I would like to establish a standard secondary school where the indigent will be considered as the integral part of my vision. Scholarships will be given based on merit and other factors.

Agricultural sector will also be my outmost priority in setting another records there. Modern farm implements will be acquired from the overseas in collaboration with my friends on hive and other human capital development personalities.

I believe aside the aforementioned, there would be allowance for further development in villages and cities in order to carve out more history.

Navigating through the history, I will forget the past and focuses on the future . The future holds better history for me and I hope to make it meaningful if the opportunity opens.

thanks for visiting my blog and all the comments appreciated.

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