Hi lovely hivers,
Welcome to my blog especially the engagement for this edition which focuses on my passion and desire for crypto.

I had a wrong concept about crypto when I was growing up. Sometimes when I reflect about that I felt so sad but thank God for where I am today. Had it been the first time I was introduced to crypto I held on to everything taught by now advance to a master level. My heart was poisoned hence I was resistance to anything called crypto completely.

Thank God I am back now to crypto. I never knew that crypto is a large network like. Since my journey in the CRYPTO world, I have come to realised that the way life is offline similarly it can be replicated in the online community. In crypto, one can blog, buy and carry out humanitarian services especially in the hive ecosystem.

Through hive, I have been able to connect to diverse kind of people and community which enables me to put smiles on other people's faces like some primary school pupils who are indigent received a support from my wife and I to procure some educational material to grant them help. I have stumbled on some community development services organised by hive Ghana. They were able to drill some boreholes for more than four. Aside that the long storage of some coins could also be done.

The crypto space has also become a source of empowerment. The financial benefits helps a lot for even families to plan themselves very well.

What I don't like about the crypto is that it's not centralised instead decentralised where everyone is entitled to his opinion. There is no restriction because is an open market.

thanks for visiting my blog and all comments appreciated.

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