It's exciting to be part of the prompt for this week again and trust that everyone is doing excellently well just as I am here.

I wish to share my own perspective on the theme for the week which is goal and how far have I gone in achieving it since it's almost half of the year already.

Goal setting is very important. As for me, anyone without goal is like a plant without root. The eye and root of everyman is the goal set to be achieved. The more the clarity of a goal the more the possibility of achieving such goal.
In setting goal, one must be Realistic instead of making it so big, let it be measurable, attainable and time bound so that it can easily be accessed.

One thing is to set goal another is to evaluate it. Evaluation of a goal gives one the opportunity to ascertain whether it's achieved or not and at times it helps one to make adjustments where necessary which would create a right premise.

It's important that one sets strategies on how goals would be evaluated either periodically pending on how the goal is being set. For me, I like assessing my goal quarterly and at times monthly. Now that the year is coming to half way, one must deliberately take a stock of things to know the level of achieving and possible weaknesses inorder to strengthen it for better output.

Never you take evaluation of goal for granted instead one must be intentional in carryout this.

Thanks for visiting my blog and all the comments appreciated.

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