Hi lovely hivers,
With great joy I wish to welcome you to my blog at this moment. Trust that we are enjoying the new month and thank God for this #38 engagement series created by this honourable community. Kudos to all participants and I wish us well.

The subject matter is on achievements however before I proceed I would like it define some few things.
Achievement entails accomplishing sets of tasks or this is when a goal is pursuit until the final outcome is gotten.

what do you do when goal is achieved?

Goal is what defines and builds a man. Any one without vision is like a tree without roots which can easily be blown by a wind. Goals makes an individual to stay focused.
Anytime achievement is derived, I become the most excited person because something has happened.

Anytime a goal is achieved, man is normally motivated to soar higher.

It's very important to celebrate any form of achievement because when such is not done, more doors won't be open for greater achievement.
What silence insults is the degree of accomplishment and achievements.

Anyone that has no achievement is like someone living without the essence of existence. Whoever you celebrate today might celebrate you tomorrow.
Achievement could be categorised pending on the volume of what you want to eat.

thanks for visiting my blog and all comments appreciated.
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