Hi guys, welcome to my blog once again, hope guys are all going well and healthy. I am here once again to talk about the topic " What if you could invite three people to dinner(from any time, country etc) who would you like to invite? Why? And what will you talk about.
I would like to see many people and to witness many things, but after giving it a long taught, I decided to see this three people.
The number one person I would lobe to see is "Elon Musk" who is probably the richest man in the world as for present, with probably $240.7 billion, you know what they say, "Business before Pleasure" I always see that as the best way to prosper. I would love to see him and make him talk about how he got to make his money and also his advice to me as an upcoming millionaire.
I would love to see him because he is one of the richest man in the world, and so it would help me in starting up my dream of becoming a millionaire of course. We would talk about some steps he had to take before becoming who he is today.
After accomplishing that I would now go from business down to pleasure.
I would secondly choose my main actor " Mark Sinclair, professionally known as vin Diesel". He acts in most of Fast And Furious movies, and always plays the smart type. I would love to discuss with him the recent movie their team made, which is fast x, one of their most interesting movie. I would love to see him because he is one of my main actor and i love watching all his movies.
The third person I would invite is the most known Jackie chan who is a Chinese actor and is know for his martial art and slapstick acrobatic fighting style, most of his movies are very funny and interesting, he started acting movies since 1960 and hasn't still stop acting. I love him for his martial art and would love to have a dinner with him. We would definitely have a good day and we will also have a lot to eat.

Thanks, wishing you all a great week. Keep up with the good work.

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