Back in time to witness

Greetings everyone, hope you are all doing fine and good, its me @edwincj and I am here to take us back to some relevant and important history that i would like to go back and see, and also why i would like to see that specific history.

You know that in the Bible it's not everything that was written. As for me I would love to go back and see the 'Adam and Eve time'. I would love to see for real how Adam and Eve were pursued from the garden of Eden. I would love to see how Eve was deceived by the cunning serpent. I know it was going to be a long story if all the things that happened during that time was written in the Bible.
Many things happened during that time, much than the ones that were written in the Bible, and i know that there are some relevant things that made Eve to eat the Apple and gave it also to her husband. I also want to know why Eve after eating the Apple, didn't hide it from Adam, instead she gave it to him to eat, and Adam without thinking ate it forgetting that God told them not to.
I would love to see that and many more, if I was given the opportunity to see it. Thanks, wishing you all good week of happiness and enjoyment.

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