Self Love, A prerequisite for true peace

I took a look at the change process that happens from our childhood to adulthood. There seems to be a switch, a point when the approval of society becomes prioritized. A point in which we lose ourselves in the quest for perfection, and we no longer see the beauty in ourselves but from what others say. This is a point in which we develop a low self-esteem and seek happiness outside of ourselves. Self love is appreciating who we are beyond societal standards and seeing the beauty in us even when others don't.

The truth is, we can never satisfy societal demands. The more we run after society for happiness, the farther we go away from ourselves and the deeper we lose ourselves to things of no virtues. We are unique, irrespective of who we are or how we are, and there's no one who can be like us or the things we do. But we can only be our true self if we have self love.

Why Self Love Is Important

It's easier to be who we are than becoming someone else. We can only be truly happy if we learn to love ourselves. Having self love helps one stay contented in life and tame one from chasing smoke for happiness. The world always has a trend and this trend changes almost daily, chasing a trend to make you happy only exposes one to sadness, it keeps coming and you keep chasing.

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Cultivating Self Love

To have self love amidst society and their set standards, one would need to be deliberate about their priorities in life. People with self love most often have certain priorities and mindset that set them apart from people with low self esteem. The first step is understanding who you are, the things you love and hate, this will help you understand the people you hang out with and the things to permit into your life. The next step is staying content with what you've discovered about yourself, especially if they're moral.

Identifying an individual who has self love

If you see a person who is content with what they have or who they are, it's a near example of anyone who has self love. They are always focused and know what they want. These individuals are not moved by trends, fashion, or the introduction of anything trending, they only strive to appear good. They're always smiling and happy because in them they have found what makes them stay happy.

This is in response to the contest by @queercoin on self love. The contest is still valid for participation

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