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I welcome you to my entry to QC Community weekly contest #37
Here, I talked about my past mistakes which am not proud of.
As much as am not proud of my past, I still have hopes for ways to correct or right any wrong that had happened in the past.

My Past


Going back in time, I discovered that there were several mistakes done in the past which were not supposed to have taken place.
Meeting with myself in the past would be when I was seven.
At 7 years, I was taking to a primary school which I didn't like even though it was close to where my parents lived.
Attending the school was a kind of hell on planet Earth for me. I didn't take studying in the primary school for any good but instead, I joined in the destruction of properties which belonged to the school and its investors.
I thought that it was wise, but that was my worse idea.
If I could go back in time to have a chat with myself as at then, I would be frank, well disciplining and thorough while talking to myself.
I'll go to an extent whereby I will need to drag and squeeze the ears of myself because my actions were bigger than my size.
Come to think of it, that was someone's hard-earned money which he used to develop a private school to grow young people academically.
Look at the way things are happening in my life today as a grown-up man. It's even heard for someone to think of establishing a small scale business of my own, not to talk of a private school for people to learn and develop themselves academically.
Being young gives one less opportunity to think of the consequences of his action. This could be attributed the continuous provision of what he or she needs by the parents or guardian which makes the child more ignorant of how money is made and what it's being spent on.
There are several other mistakes which I made when I was a kid which am not proud of in any way.

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