The PartWay to Success most times doesn't look like it.


The partway to success is designed to inculcate in you the ability to accommodate the personality or the attribute of success, success as we all know is not an event but a personality so the gap between an unsuccessful person and success is the partway of success, so it is definitely a partway that makes in us the ability to accommodate success as a personality. I know I got you confused my name is Chidiebere Edwin and i'w be glad to share my thoughts on this theme.


Success as we all know is a personality, and personalities are built up so also the personality of success is built in every person that desires it of which we all desire it, no body wants to be unsuccessful but the issue is that not everyone understands that on the partway to success one thing we can't dodge is the price to success.

The partway to success

While I was a kid I thought people just become successful I didn't really check to see the price behind it, on the partway to success every factor we encounter is part of the price to success, there is always a price for every good thing and as it has always been said "good things don't come easy", it means that the price of a commodity is determined by its value so the more valuable a commodity is the higher the price, it's quite unfortunate that many people don't understand this but they expect to be successful.

Why I said that the partway to success most times doesn't look like it is because it's more of demanding, infact in most cases it demands more than it gives but the strategy is to impact in us the right and appropriate structure that accommodates the personality of success, I mean that, tye partway to success demands alot from us and by that it create in us the space to accommodate success so that success can become a part of us.


On the partway to success, one of the major factor that contributes to a more successful life is discipline, success can't be achieved without discipline, tye reason we need discipline so s because most of us have many beautiful desires which could be good and great but also they could be distractions so we need discipline to resist those distractions.

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