Back in time to the day I was born


History is build up of what the present is, it means we are who we are presently because of what we did in tye past and the past makes up for our history, I'm glad to be here again #queercoin and everyone.

At some point in my life I had memorial days both great and bad not withstanding it's called a memorial day so it sticks to our memories, if I were asked to travel to a specific historical monument, I wouldn't waste time in giving my respond, definitely it's not going to be a ceremony or an event or a celebration, it won't mean anything I could just celebrate it here in the present, I would rather do a rivise time travel that will remind me of my purpose, a place which was THE DAY IT AL STARTED.

I would love to experience the day I was born, definitely as a grown up person I was only told story of that day and I believe and not just that I believe, it's true that it was that day my purpose was born, it was also the day my fear was born that's why I cried.

The day it all started

What started?.

I actually was what started, there two significant points in ones life, the beginning and the end, the beginning indicates the start line, the beginning doesn't necessarily indicate how the end would be but rather how the end should be, it's like laying the foundation of a building, as good as it is if the building commence inappropriately then the end will definitely be bad which is not how the beginning looked like.

My quest for knowledge also began that day, as a matter of fact, the reason infant cries when they are born is because they were brought into a new environment and crying is the only way they could express their feelings, so from that point they begin the quest for knowledge, to know more about humanity and also to find their place in the human race.

It's a very important day and I will love to witness that day because it all started that day, my quest and inquisitiveness started and from witnessing it I would become more effective in my pursuit of purpose.

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