QC Community Weekly Contest #54 selfishness


The difference between taking care of yourself and being selfish

Their is a huge difference between these two words. Taking care of yourself and being selfish Taking care of yourself simply means giving yourself or your body any good things you can offer which includes, eating balance diet's, taking care of your health and body, etc.

On the other hand, being selfish means doing something that will benefit only you without thinking about other poeples welfare. A selfish person might not properly take care of himself because what's is in his mind is, me first attitude. For example, a port of stew was made with 10 pieces of meat's, a selfish person might want to be the one to eat all without considering other's. Doing something that will only benefit you not minding the feelings of others is act of selfishness not taking care of yourself.

How to know if am being selfish

It's easy to find out because poeple around me will start complaining about my selfish behavior. Another way is to ask a trusted friend or our parents if we have selfish attitude. If the answer gotten is no, we are good to go but if yes we need to stop it immediately because it can make us to lose love ones around us.

How I think I can take care of myself without falling a victim of selfishness

When I have the interest of others at heart, I can take care of myself without being selfish because I will love to carry everyone along. In other not to be selfish while taking care of myself, I need to develop self sacrificing love for others, if I do, I won't be selfish while taking care of myself.

Another way to do that is by being sincere in what ever thing am doing with poeple. A sincere person won't easily become selfish because he has feelings for others. So, love, sincerity, generosity will help us to carry everyone along while taking care of ourselves

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