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Self Love simply means loving ourselves. Loving yourselves the way you are and with your flaws.

Self Love

Self Love is like being confident in yourself, you value and respect yourself. The Self Love is essential for our mental and physical well-being. I said physical well-being as we might feel less confident about our looks and we underestimate ourselves. Self-love gives us confidence, respect, and encouragement which leads us to achieve personal growth and goals.

  • When you love yourself then you don’t think much about others and do what you like to do. We try to follow our passion and constantly work on ourselves to move forward.
  • Someone might not like you because of your looks or lifestyle. We may get bothered much when you don’t love yourself. Hence, Self-love is very important which can help you come out from negativity. It's better to ignore those who think that you are not good and you can't do anything in your life.
  • When you have a lot of money then people try to come closer to you, but we need to understand the support that you got when you have nothing. Those who come close to you because of your money, then it's better to keep distance with them.

Don’t get discouraged by others. We have a lot of time to do the right things and stay focused on our goals. We have to work harder and keep ourselves active. Every day we should start the day with a positive mindset and think about future aims.

When you don’t love yourself, then we affected by other's comments and their thinking about you. It can be stressful to think about others and what they will think about you, do I am good? etc. There is nothing special about treating yourself in this way, you should love yourself first then you can love others.

Do I Love Myself?

Yes, I do love myself. Sometimes I felt less confident in my school or college life. This might happen because we consider ourselves less than others. If our self-love is strong, then we can't be unconfident.

Now I love myself so much, I don't care what others think about myself. I always try to improve myself for the better and I learn from my mistakes. Don't let others change you, Be yourself and go forward.

How to know If someone lacks Self Love?

It's challenging to know whether someone lacks self-love. Still, we can know if someone lacks self-love. People who lack self-love always put themselves down before trying. Then set impossible goals and when they fail to achieve a goal, they feel distressed. They always trying to get approval and praise from others. They get scared easily.

If someone lacks self-love, it doesn't mean that they are incapable. They just need someone's support and encouragement. Also, they need awareness and the importance of self love which can help them with their personal growth. I know these things because I also went into that situation at some point in my life. Now, I am happy that I am a much more mature and self-loving person.

Thank you... Have a great day!

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