QC Community Weekly Contest #39

It's been awhile I haven't joined queercoin contest this week contest is about Goals

Goals - How are you doing with the goals that you set at the beginning of the year?

I have quite a list of goals I need to achieve so here it is.

  1. Save up - basically I need to save around Rm100k to be able to start a business that I've been working on the 50k is to buy land and the other 50k is to build a chicken farm to sell chickens to supermarkets I'm not gonna explain the details on how to achieve it to simplify it is that the government will sell it for you my job is just to take care of the chickens till it grows to 1.2Kg then it's done

So far sadly I have less than 10k in the bank 🏦 because of unforseen problems occur so I need to save up another 90k to reach my goal.

  1. Hive - well this is one of the goals I have reached 1k HP the plan was to post at least twice daily to speed up the 1K HP goal first I train myself to create a habit by posting actifit and reach 10k activity points daily most days I am consistent only some of the days that cannot be avoided such as sickness or I left my phone somewhere 🤣🤣

But never give up. Yes some people did say it took me a year plus to reach 1k HP it's so slow yes it's true it is slow I'm not denying it but I manage to train myself to do something daily I created a habit which is not an easy task. Why I say not an easy task? Most of the time you don't feel like doing it so I change my mind by saying to myself over and over again these words "time is ticking you got work to do" because I say this to myself on a daily basis sometimes even in front of a mirror it makes you do it because always keep reminding yourself that it's better to do something than doing nothing at all.

  1. Mind set - Another thing I succeeded I said some already on the 2nd goal but mind set it's so important. Now I force myself to do things even if I don't feel like it even if I'm tired or sick just do it. Even working I was so sick for a week but I just go to work anyway until the manager told me to go home 🤣 how I achieved this strong mindset? Easy actually long time ago our great great great grandfather (I hope there's enough great) went to war our ancestors lives in caves and hunt food for a living and we complain about going to work because we don't feel like it? No it's our duty to fulfill these duty no matter how you feel if you're born a man it's your duty to grow, protect and succeed.

Failure is a learning process not an excuse to quit - caelum1infernum

Wow I just made that up I'm claiming it hope no one said that before me lol 😂

Anyway that's the goals I achieved this year and this is my entry of the queercoin contest #39

If I made any mistakes while writing please let me know personally if you enjoy this post do share with everyone thank you so much for reading ladies and gentlemen 🤠 take care and keep safe.

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