Travel Back In Time: To Witness Some Historical Events

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History - If you could travel back in time and witness a historical moment, which one would you like to see and why?

Travel back in time and witness a historical moment:

There are many historical moments or events which I would love to see again or if possible have the hands of time rewind backwards to experience some historical events or moments which I was not privileged to witness either as a result of distance from the place or places the event or events took place or maybe I was not born by then.

I'll begin with the FIFA WOMEN'S WORLD CUP. This is an international soccer competition designed to feature senior women's national soccer teams of member of FIFA. It is usually staged every four years and a year after the FIFA Men's world cup competition.


The first edition of this championship was hosted by China in 1991. This year marks the 8th edition of the competition which the winners are USA (4X and current champions), Germany (2X), Canada and Norway.

For me, I would like to travel back to history, that is, by going back to 1991 and precisely in China and witness the mundial live. It will be an honour to be in the stadia watching the participating teams slog it out !LOL


The next will be the inaugural edition of the FIFA MEN'S WORLD CUP which is simply referred to as the World Cup. Uruguay hosts the inaugural edition in 1930 which they went ahead and won. I would have loved to be in the Estadio Centenario, Montevideo, Uruguay which hosted mat of the matches. I would like to see how the stadium was. How spacious and decorated it was. I know it will be a far cry from what we see these days with porsh stadia and massive TV coverage of the events.

Why do I want to witness these events?

Because I love sports, especially football or soccer as some will call it. It is therefore my wish to witness these events in person to remember how this beautiful game has evolved over time. Most persons within the football circle have made quite good fortunes therefrom.

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