Self Love: Do You Have One?

Hello everyone, we are here again with the latest weekly contest by @queercoin. This weeks topic sounds interesting really. It says:
Self-love - How important do you think it is for people to have self-love? How do you cultivate your self-love? Do you think you can tell if someone has self-love or not? How do you know?

What does self love really mean?

By self love, it means putting your own happiness and well-being first. Self-love entails attending to one's own needs rather than compromising one's own well-being to please others. Self-love means never settling for anything less than your best.

In our today's world, self love is really important so as to maintain a healthy living. One does not really need to neglect his or her own needs just to be seen as a good person. Your needs ranks high and above every other thing because it takes the living to do good. Take care of yourself and your needs first then help out.

One should not however misunderstand this as being selfish or even arrogant. It means that one should consider himself and his happiness first, otherwise you may end up regretting certain actions taken which may turn out to be detrimental to one's health and happiness.

How do you cultivate your self-love?

There are many ways one can cultivate self love. These include, giving yourself a compliment. Learn to give yourself some compliment when you achieve a goal or accomplish a task. This boosts self confidence. Again, celebrate the small wins. Any wins is a win. Celebrate your achievements a d goals or heights attained. This is a sure way of cultivating self love.

Do you think you can tell if someone has self-love or not?

Well, one can tell who really have self love. Thus, people who love themselves appreciate every aspect of their bodies, shortcomings and all. They accept themselves for who they are and do not constantly try to change themselves. They realize that they are totally imperfect and celebrate every aspect of their being. When you see these traits you'll know or can tell if someone has self love or not.

Now, how do you know that one does not have self-love? The following are therefore harbinger: lack of self-love, low self-esteem, and self-worth manifests as scarcity or poor /dry in finances, lack of trust in relationships, an unfulfilling career and job, and a sense of missing control of our own life. Ultimately, abundance, harmony, and fullness of life start from the inside.

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