The road to success is rough and smooth at the same time.

Hello great friends in the house. I'm back again this beautiful beginning of the week. Is so exciting to begin another week very healthy. I had a little health challenge last week, but today at the beginning of the new week I am strong and wealthy.

For this week, I am so much in love with the topic that I have been praying from the first day I saw it to have the time to participate. And today I am here.
Actually the road to success is full of ups and downs. The road is a very easy one but needs a wise fellow to understand that is not a difficult road as it appears. Sometimes, people get scared of becoming successful in life because of the roughness of the road. It indeed looks rough from afar. But when one comes closer, it becomes an easy one with a very good Effort.

In my little experience, I have been able to see, work for, and achieve success in some areas of my life. So, I can say that the road to success seems uneasy and very tough, but with little effort and willingness to push to the end brings success to our door.

I have been able to achieve success in my academic career even as a married woman who have her kids to take care of, a husband who don't see why me as a wife should still insist in going back to school, family members who think that I am too stubborn and wants to finish their brother's money, also facing hardship at the same time. But I pulled through because I was determined to get to the end of it. Today, everyone of them is proud of me because I am the only graduate in both families. I have become the song that every one now sings. All these happened only because I was determined.

I believe that determination and perseverance is the key to success in life. Success therefore is possible and achievable.

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I'm very thankful to @melinda10100 and ecency for the good support. Remain bless 🙏.

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