Genesis League Goals - Buying Packs and Staking Them

Genesis League Goals is an upcoming football (soccer) manager slash cards match type of game. At least that's how I understand it.

We'll see what and when will come out of it. For now, there are packs on sale. Correction, the first pre-sale finished today. The second will start in a week or so.

Yesterday it was a high time to participate in the preliminary sale. I participated with the minimum purchase that brings you a bonus - 100 packs.

Since one pack was worth $5 translated to HIVE the amount was 1,257.764 HIVE. 500 dollars at yesterday's HIVE value.

Here they were, 110 GMLSPA packs. Genesis Major League Soccer PA something packs.

What you can do now with these packs? You can probably open them. Or you can stake them and receive your daily bread. No, GLX. Staking ...

Here was my wallet at the time of initial purchase and staking. These 406 and something GLX were from staking GLX at Genesis League Sports main site.

Yes, it is a bit confusing, this Genesis naming. We'll learn in time.

Less than a day later, there is 69 GLX to claim from staking of the packs.

After the claim, GLX appeared in my wallet.

I staked it, of course. The unstaking of GLX takes four weeks, in case you wonder about it, while the packs unstake in one week.

This is it for the first day. as for the future I might open 10 packs, just for the fun of it. The rest I will hold and see how it turns out.

Do you have any pans and consider joining this Genesis of sports game stuff? It might be a good investment...

Better and better
:ervin :lemark

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