GLX Token Giveaway It's Almost Here!

I'm excited with Q2 now here. We are seeing pack openings happen and also starting to see a decent amount of packs being sold overall. I believe the packs remaining started at 500,000 of which we are now at 434,442 which is still a huge number. However even at minimum buying that's about 60,000 packs bought at $5 each or roughly $300,000 in profits for the company (I believe if my math checks out etc) That's a rather decent sized chunk if I may say so myself.

Tips in comments(🍕 PIZZA , 🍺 BEER, 🎮 PGM, ❤️ LUV , 🍷 WINE, 😆 LOLZ, 👫 ENGAGE, ❤️ ALIVE, 🤴 KING, etc.) and upvotes greatly help as well to be able to run bigger giveaways in the future.

What's Up For Grabs

10 GLX Tokens to one lucky winner

How To Enter


  1. Must be following @cryptochroma

  2. Drop a comment with your hive username must be the one you are leaving the comment from.

Optional: Drop any size upvote on the post (This helps us provide better prizes and reach more people as we grow

Optional: Share this post with others

Optional: Drop comment tips such as 🍕 PIZZA , 🍺 BEER, 🎮 PGM, ❤️ LUV , 🍷 WINE, 😆 LOLZ, 👫 ENGAGE, ❤️ ALIVE, 🤴KING etc. these also help us grow our reach and prizes.

We will use wheel of names to select a winner and show proof.

Proof Of Last Weeks Winner and Payout

Tagging all previous entries. If you wish to not be tagged again simply don't enter this giveaway as we pull a fresh list every time to prevent unwanted tags and spam. Thank you!


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