More stopps in Meo Vac - a stop for the night, Vietnam. - many more pictures.

As I drive away this is what is saw. The pounding clanging steel town below the valley up ahead the road, an unknown. I had to stop to hear the sounds again. I had to wait and see the glimmer of the place, the ember lights the fire of fright as the liquid metal pours simply down to be made into a blade.
The Mountain cuts deep down an in and the road winds around the way I need to go. Another path to take another possible road. I will let my mind be my guide and let go from there, the road is long and has many ends, but more to go along the open dusty road.

But at a distance there is a lot to be thrown along the road where the view can be hold. The very reason I am here standing waiting to see the moment before I go.
But the far away fie is what this all turn into now as the next road must be rolled along. Taking a moment to take it in and leave some of me here, it is a big exchange and both are happy to leave, and take and go one as one.
The picture will never do justice to what is so beautiful and majestic. You must go and see for yourself, these photos are just a taste.

Thanks for having a look at some photos driving away from the town of Phuc Sen Village in Vietnam. The time wandering around here was well worth the mountain cold. Original content from the streets, Check out Pinmapple for my map.

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