Hello there, my dear hivers! I really appreciate all your efforts in supporting my last blog. Thank you for reading, and please kindly support this new blog of mine again.

I just want to share with you the love of my life. I was doubting posting this, because I am afraid that maybe one of you will judge me for having been in a relationship at an early age, but here I am sharing with you who he is.

Way back in 2020, I met this boy named Kyle Richard on Facebook. I often called him "Chardix." We keep on chatting and calling each other, we belong to a long-distance relationship; we are from the same city but not the same barangay, our house is far from theirs, so it's just calls and texts. It took 10 months for us to see each other because my parents are strict and won't allow me to meet up with someone. So on October 2, 2020, he decided to visit our house so that he would see me and get closer to my family and afterward getting to know each other, and so on.


He's family-oriented, and that is one of the reasons why I like him. He's very conscious when it comes to cleanliness he doesn't like messy surroundings, even if it's just a piece of plastic. No matter how small it is, he will put it in the trash can. When it comes to arranging clothes, you need to arrange them accurately because if not, he will arrange them again and again." haha.

he is hardworking and determined man, what i liked about him is that he has a good and pure heart to everyone specially to his family, he can do everything to buy his siblings wants even if nothing left for him, he also gave me money fo my allowance,he want the happiness of his loved ones, because he always believe that money cant buy happiness, he really loved his siblings I can see it and feel it and of course he also loves me awwww! HAHA.


He decided to study at the same school as mine, way back in 2022-2023. We are classmates and both grade 12 students. One of our memorable experiences was our graduation day. He was awarded as an honor student and conduct awardee, while I was also awarded as an honor student, work immersion awardee,conduct awardee, and loyalty award. I went to the stage for about 4 times, and from that, I felt so proud of the both of us because the gossipers witnessed our graduation.

Another thing that I can be proud of is the welcome remark I made in front of many people. Upon speaking each line of my speech, the confidence was always there, and guess what? after my speech the people who judge us, who gossip us clap for me, the diploma of our senior high school days is the best revenge to those who criticize us but here I am again continue pursuing my college for them to see that I can graduate, because people always says I cannot graduate because I will become pregnant, I wont do revenge I will just let them realize that they are wrong.


He originally came from Masbate, but the reason why he's here in Cebu is to cure his father's illness; he is loveable and caring; he finished senior high school; he decided to pursue his boxing career and his other work instead of continuing his studies; but his older brother wanted him to take either a law or criminology course, but he insisted that if the boxing is not for him, he will proceed to his studies.


He is Kyle Richard and I am Kyla Marie. The first word of our names is almost the same, haha, but when I was a baby, my mother told me that supposedly my name would be Kyle, but when my mother came to the registrar office (correct me if I am wrong), the assigned personnel advised her to change it to Kyla Marie instead of Kyle because Kyle is like a boy name. Is it a coincidence or what? haha.


If theres one wish I would have for him, it would be his happiness. I want him to reach his dreams, and I want to become part of his success. Thats why I always support him in everything he does. She deserves the love from me and from all the people because God knows and people know how beautiful his heart is.

Year 2021 I did'nt expect anything from him I did'nt ask him for something until one day I was so shocked he sent a picture through messenger and then when I click it, I saw a tattoo, can you guess what is his tattoo? that located at his chest? "Kyla." Yes, you read it right. My name was there until now, but this year, 2024, he added another name. I dont know what it is, but I found out that the second word of my name and my last name, which is "Marie Bacarro," are placed at the top of his tattoo, "Kyla."


A lot of people will say tattoo is not good because you will look like "bad boy" even me I dont like people who have a tattoos until I realized, we have our own life so we have no righ to mind each others business, for him its just an art and I know for some its also an art.I don't know why he has done these things, but one thing I am sure of is that he really loves me, and that made me love him also.
This is all for now.

Thank you so much for reading it until the end. I appreciate it. See you on my next blog. bye!.

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