The Need for Rice Plants to Take Care of Well

With sufficient care it will make the rice plants healthy, so in this case the treatment that needs to be done by the rice plants is by spraying or fungicides and providing adequate and balanced fertilizers in caring for the rice plants after the planting process is complete then a few days later need to be given fertilizers, especially fertilizers containing nitrogen elements as well as other elements such as the type of NPK fertilizer which is really needed by rice plants during their growth period.

After the rice plants are given fertilizer, it also needs to be sprayed to prevent pests and diseases, in this case farmers usually use insecticides both contact and systemic and to prevent diseases in rice plants are sprayed using several kinds of fungicides sold in the market, usually farmers will spray on a large scale and This routine is to keep rice plants healthy and protected from various diseases and pests.

And also rice plants need to be maintained in terms of irrigating water, so this rice plant does not have to be given water continuously on rice fields, it is better that the water in the rice plant needs to be maintained so that it is not too much and not too little to maintain drought and this also It is important that the rice plant can grow with many clumps and also prevent it from growing in the rice plant.

In terms of fertilization, it also needs to be maintained so that it is not given too much and there is also no shortage in this fertilization and usually farmers will measure the fertilizer according to the area of ​​​​the rice fields they have, usually what is often used by farmers is fertilizer containing nitrogen and NPK fertilizer which is also widely sold in the market and after that, fertilizers will be given three times at a time after 10 days of planting and 20 days of planting and 30 market days after being given three times of fertilizer and need to be sprayed with insecticides or fungicides on a regular basis.

And if that is done then the rice plants will look healthy and far from various diseases and pests and the rice plants will grow well and also healthy and when the rice fruit starts to come out the rice plants will remain healthy and the rice will produce a lot of fruit. and also this will be eagerly awaited by farmers and one of the things that farmers go through is to take good care of rice plants.

The rice fields that I visited were well cared for and the rice plants grew very healthy and the leaves were very green, this indicates that the rice plants are not lacking in nitrogen and several other elements and the leaves of this rice plant are very healthy, far from all diseases and pests that attack because usually if it rains often it will be attacked by diseases such as fungus on leaves and mabadi and will also be easily attacked by various pests such as snakes and several other insects that will eat the leaves of rice plants.

Those are some photos and a brief explanation of rice plants that are well cared for and treated with fertilizers and spraying, thank you for your attention until we meet again in the next time.

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