Rice Paddy under the Sun

In Asian countries, rice is the main dish. We are not the same in foreign countries where it's okay to eat meat alone. We should first prepare to eat the boiled rice and pair it with different viand foods like meat, vegetables. That's why the production of rice or planting rice in a field is very important. Although it has a huge amount of sugar, most Filipinos can't live without rice.

Now this time I'm going to explain to people who don't know about how rice is provided. If you are still wondering where rice comes from. Obviously, from rice plants but it's not likely rice right away where it can be boiled. A rice plant bears rice paddy and is inside of it when the husk is removed. That's where you can find edible rice.

However, the husk or a rice paddy can not be easily removed. In the old days when technology didn't exist, they used wood with a hole in the other one, and the other used to smash it. Unfortunately, there is no one that I can find in the small village to show it. But here's a link for you to view what it looks like and how it's done. The image is not free of use so just a link that I can provide.

The other type of removing a husk of a rice paddy is using a mill. Of course, it's very common for all of us. This is the kind of process we often saw in movies or television. Still, you can not just go to a rice mill to remove it. You can not just place it immediately so it is now ready to eat. You need to make sure that the rice paddy is dry enough. From what I heard, if it's not dry enough it will not provide good rice if it is milled while still a bit wet. Some of them might get damaged for a short time. That's why placing it under the heat of the sun is very important.

After harvesting the rice a tracer will be used in separating the rice paddy from the leaves or branches of the plants. By then, the rice paddy is still wet and not ready. It requires to be placed under the very hot sun for a whole day. That is the concluded time that the rice paddy is wet enough to mill. For some that aren't sure, they will observe if the rice paddy will not be moist. If not, it means the rice paddy is good to mill.

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