Tedious process of manual harvesting of rice. More financial investment is needed in Agriculture to make it a lucrative business in Nigeria.

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The joy of every farmer is to have this kind of bounty harvest.

Although we have harvested about 10bags of rice the financial input was quite higher than the proceeds and if we wish to get our capital back with some interest, we need to wait until rice gets more expensive.

A bag from any of this is filled up for now and sold at the rate of 18000 in naira an equivalent of $40.
The high capital input was because we hired labourers to join us with harvest and even transplanting in the swamp.

You can see how the work is done and those we have hired here.

In this pics you can as well see the process of harvesting.
Sickles are used to plug cut all the rice from the field, next we spay bags on the ground and them beat the rice against a metal drum to plug out the grains.

This is a tedious process because we lack the simple machineries for this threshing process.
Sticks are used to beat the rice as you can as well see.

This is the fate and stress associated with farming around here.

If we wish to work more fields and plant more grains the work load will be terrible since the simple tools that makes work easy are not available.

We really need more financial investment into agriculture such that it can become a more lucrative business.
When farming becomes this complex, the youths will prefer to steal, gamble and participate in antisocial behavior to make money.

The women are good with blowing this rice in the air to remove dirt, and unwanted leaves and grass.

Rice is then stored bags and transported home for preservation...

Usually we carry these loads on our heads bringing them home.
The road to farm is of poor quality and not mobile friendly.
Commercial cars won't travel that part to help us bring these harvest home.

A journey of an hour with bags of rice on your head is sure enough punishment for one to refuse going to farm a coming year.
But since we need the food we endured all odds and now we can further process these rice for food consumption...

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