Homesteading| Turning cocoa plantations into fast-harvesting plantations

Good evening wonderful gardeners in an amazing community for an amazing edition in the #Homesteading community...

Today I returned to one of the places that amazed and amazed me, this is my brother's forest which has been successfully converted into one of the amazing gardens, my brother is a farmer who is responsible for always earning a living for his family and often once he became a laborer in several places both in the plantations and in the rice fields, I was amazed when I came to the plantation behind his house, I remember once a few years ago this was a wild forest with some cocoa plants that were big and wild so they no longer bear fruit , this way he must be ready to make a decision to change the condition of the cocoa plantation into a banana plantation so that the harvest period is faster

I was amazed by some of the small banana trees. Some have just been planted and some are almost harvested

If you look closely, there is still a cocoa tree that can be seen there, it is a cocoa tree belonging to another plantation

Banana trees are a type of plant that can be said to have a fairly fast harvest period within 1 year depending on soil conditions and conditions in the plantation, Therefore this is the reason for my brother to plant banana trees, When some banana trees are ready to be harvested fruit it will be bought in every one banana comb will be bargained for around 2 thousand rupiah or 3 thousand depending on the state of the harvest.

Today I got an amazing idea too when I saw one of the banana trees seen beside it there was a betel nut that grew almost as long as a banana tree that had just been planted for a few days, This is an extraordinary idea or preparation when the tree bananas are old and fragile so the banana tree dies there when you see a replacement plant that grows, namely the areca nut. As is known, the betel nut is a type of plant whose harvest period is fairly long and can harvest for about 5 years.

Will the banana tree be disturbed by the growth of other plants beside it such as the areca nut???

According to my brother, with the growth of the areca tree next to the banana tree, it will not be disturbed because the banana tree does not make twigs and many branches as well as the small areca tree, when the banana tree is harvested, the banana tree will be cut down. Be careful to see the direction of the falling banana tree, don't let it hit the small areca tree

That's the knowledge I got today, Hopefully it will be useful for all of us and always be passionate about gardening whatever makes us happy and confident about what we plant for old age...

Best Regard

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