The last day of harvesting corn in the garden.

Hello hiver friends, I love all of you. I hope you are doing well today and of course better than yesterday for all of you in this largest community. Of course we are all always healthy and achieving what we hope for today and always enthusiastic. for all of you who are always active in this beloved community for all of you.

At this meeting I will show something for all of you in this community. Today in my garden I harvested the last and last day of corn and after I harvested my corn I peeled the skin and after I peeled the skin I also filled the corn I dried it in the hot sun a few days until it was completely dry.

And after it was dry, I put it full in the sack, all the corn in my dry garden, so I brought the corn home using my motorbike to my house for me to shell using the car engine that I built.

I feel very happy because my corn yields in my garden are very satisfying to you. I am very happy as a farmer and I do this work from a young age because my father and my parents, both of my parents are farmers, so I continue his work from the past my ancestors were farmers until now.

I feel very proud because my harvest is very satisfying from the song that I planted, this is from 18 seeds that I bought at the market and the price per kilo is quite expensive at 110,000 in the Indonesian currency.

And for all the corn that I plant, I use organic fertilizer because I don't use chemical fertilizers. It can be dangerous for us or for the animals if we give these corn seeds for chicken feed, so I also use the organic method by burning straw and grass. the grass after I cut it with my lawn mower.

At this time the price of corn in the market was very expensive and some of it I sold some of it I got home because one day who knows it's the dry season so our story is to make it as a substitute for rice from corn kernels it can't cook and we eat it like rice from rice.

At this time, the plan is for me to plant corn again and I will expand the land in the future because now is the dry season, so now is the time to clear the land again so that it is easy to burn later so that it can again become organic fertilizer for future corn plants. come.

all this corn that I made went home so I took it using the assembly machine that I made and after I took it I put it back in the sun to dry it completely and after it was dry I only sold some of it and partly for food security we kept it for my family. How come all the corn that I planted is all healthy and very fertile and even the farmers in this area have started planting corn in their farm gardens. Planting corn for me is very easy and maintenance is very easy, unlike planting other crops, like other vegetables, it's easier to grow corn and the yield of corn is much higher than that of rice, so it's better to plant corn for me than to plant rice.

Thus my review of corn planting and corn harvests that I have in the garden. Thank you for visiting this blog, I hope it is useful for all of you in this beloved community, greetings of success for you all.

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