preparation of new agricultural land for planting rice again

Hello dear hiver friends, how are you today, and wherever you are right now. of course in good condition and success should always be, hopefully today is better than the previous days. this time I will show something to all of you in this community of course who are always active here.

At this meeting I am back here to show something to all my friends in this beloved community. The rice harvest this time is over and now they have started preparing the land for the next rice planting season this year and the farming community in this area has started again preparing the land by using a hand tractor to cultivate the land for agricultural rice fields.

At this time, farmers are preparing paddy fields to plant rice more quickly than before because this year is still the rainy season. And for now it is the planting season for hybrid rice so that the harvest is faster in overcoming food security this year.

In overcoming this, it is time for farmers to work on clearing paddy fields and sowing rice seeds as soon as possible in achieving the target planting season in this rainy season to face the dry season in the future.

Seed preparations have been carried out all day long for quality seeds to avoid pest attacks and from stunted diseases in rice plants on agricultural land that is currently being prepared in preparation for the coming new year ahead.

This year there was a shortage of rice in the fields and a lot of rice was attacked by pests and this resulted in the farming community going back to the fields this year. And this time I planted rice which could improve the quality of the rice later during the next harvest season. that's all from me this time I hope it's useful for all my friends.

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