Yard Fishing The Strong Weeds In The Backyard Using Hoe And Cutlass


Hello fellow hivers and Community members, it's my first blog here. It's all about weeding grasses in my friends backyard. Back the in primary and high school, I was thought that any grass growing where they are not needed is known as weeds. Sometimes they can grow bigger than our crops. And we need to clear them out using hoes, Cutlass or using hand to pull them depending the season and the type of weed.. Attending public school helps me to learn more about farming and weeding because we do work on our teachers garden and at the same time, clear the fields with Cutlass. At home, mom thought me how to remove strong weeds without injuring myself.

In preparation of my friends wedding ceremony, she asked me with one other of our friend to help her weed grasses in her backyard as cooking and preparations will took place there. The weeds were very strong because of the dry season including pieces of blocks that covered the ground. So, I actually make use of my hoe because using Cutlass here will not be safe at all.



As I was weeding the grass I noticed that some are like ropes so, I make use of my hands to drag them together since those once are not to strong but their roots has spread to a long distance.


In some places poeple do make use of chemicals to remove Weeds but it has a bad side effects on the soil. That's why I prefer using Cutlass or hoe though it's a little bit hard and stressful because when you are done weeding, you will notice some kind of pains or swell ups in your palms. I didn't actually burn the weeds I gathered together instead I put them on the roots of the plantains because once it decay's, it serves as manure to them.


My machete came into action while I was working on the plantains in the backyard. The plantains was falled by the wind. Instead of using hoe I used Cutlass.


After cutting the plantain stem section by sections, I packed them to the roots of the once standing because it's also a manure Once it's been decayed.


So, what I used here was hoe, Cutlass and my hands to do this weeding. After weeding, the house owner used broom to sweep it. And everywhere became clean.



The new look of the backyard after working on it. So share with me what you normally use to weed in your country.

All the images are mine

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