Re-harvesting Some Rice Left After the First Harvest

Hello beautiful homesteaders and happy last week of the month of November. Today, I want to share with you some things I feel you need to know about rice seed harvesting. Are you aware that you can re-harvest your rice seed from your farmland after the first harvest? I believe that it’s only a few will understand me.


I believe that most people around the world are busy with their rice harvest as Christmas is around the corner. The truth is that most rice farmers are not aware that after they must have finished harvesting their rice from their farmland, they need to go back to the farm after some weeks. This is because after you must have finished harvesting your rice seed from the farm, some rice stem from where you cut the rice during harvesting is used to produce another set of rice. The rice seed your farmland will give you the second time will not be that much except if the rice farmland was cultivated for commercial purposes (large farms). That’s the only time the farm may be able to give you enough rice.


The truth about rice re-harvesting is that it’s always stressful to re-harvest and at the same time the rice seed is not always much. The stress here is the main reason why most rice farmers may not have the energy and time to re-harvest their rice seeds.


Do you know that two things can bring up a rice seed re-harvesting? These include:
Rice seed that didn’t get ripe with others: Here, a rice seed didn’t get ripe with others during the first harvesting period. The owner of rice farmland will have to harvest the ripped ones and leave behind the ones not ripe. He/she will have to re-harvest the ones that didn’t ripe before the second time.


Another thing that will lead to rice seed re-harvesting is during the first harvesting, some rice seeds used to fall inside the rice farmland which will later grow to produce another rice seed. If the rice farm has some water to sustain the rice seed that fell inside the rice farmland during the first harvesting why would it not do well? The owner of the rice farmland may have some rice seeds to harvest the second time.


The main reason why I decided to re-harvest my rice seed after I harvested the first one is that most of the rice didn’t do well. What I mean here is that all the rice seeds didn’t rip at the same time. In that regard, when I was harvesting the first rice seed from my rice farmland, I didn’t harvest those that didn’t ripe with others and that’s the main reason I have to re-harvest the second time. The second time my rice seed harvest is to ensure that the rice seed I didn’t harvest during the first one is harvested.


Honestly, this is the third time I’m practicing the rice seed second harvest (re-harvesting). I decided to give it a try again after a friend told me that he saw some rice on the farm I had previously harvested weeks ago. I was surprised today when I was harvesting the second rice seed from my farmland. The rice seed that I re-harvested today was huge and I want to use this medium to tell every rice farmer to always check back his/her rice farmland after weeks of rice harvesting.







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