spraying pests that attack rice leaves and stems, prevention is better than cure.

hello all friends,, today I will tell you about rice spraying, to this day the rice is 55 days old, of course, the treatment is getting stricter because there are so many pests that attack rice, various kinds of pests that come to attack the rice leaves, not only only the leaves but on the stems there are also pests that come to attack my rice, I am very worried if I am late to handle it, I will fail to harvest this year, therefore I immediately deal with it to spray the rice immediately,,

There are several kinds of medicine that I use to spray rice, that day before spraying rice I went to the farm shop to buy several kinds of medicine that I will use to spray rice,

As soon as I arrived at the shop, I immediately gave an explanation about the pests that were attacking my rice for now,, then the shop owner immediately gave me five types of drugs at once, and the shop owner said, this must be mixed all before use, so that the pests - Pests that attack rice can quickly go away and don't disturb the rice leaves or rice stalks anymore,, I listened carefully to the directions from the shop owner and I went straight home to go spraying rice,,

because the rice is 55 days old and the rice has started to get pregnant. or young pregnant, so the treatment must be strict extract,, I am very worried that my harvest will fail this time,,, therefore I have to take care of the rice seriously.

after I came home from the farm shop and I brought home several kinds of medicine that I was going to spray, as soon as I wanted to go to the fields it turned out that the spray I was going to use was broken, I immediately rushed to find someone else to cheat on my rice, because it shouldn't be delayed spraying again because the pests have started to attack the rice leaves,,

not long after that I found an old man, he is a specialist sprayer, he also has special expertise in the part of spraying rice,, as soon as I invited him the father did not refuse at all and went straight to my rice field to spray rice...

As soon as I arrived at the rice fields, I immediately gave medicine and several types of poison that I wanted to spray, after that, the five types of drugs were mixed in one container, because the clock was approaching 17.00 in the afternoon, it is very good for you to spray rice pests, because in the afternoon various types of pests have come out and are starting to look for their prey, of course the ones attacked by the pests are the leaves and stems of rice,, because all types of pests have come out in the afternoon spraying will be carried out immediately so that the pests leave and stay away from my rice leaves, preventing further better than cure .... therefore I have to prevent it first so that the pest is not free,

as soon as the spraying started, all the pests that were on the rice leaves flew away, some even lay on the spot, because the 5 types of poison that I have put together in one container, the dose is very strong,, therefore some types of pests cannot escape,,

In the spraying tank, the machine can fit 30 liters of water, so the dose of poison for rice pests must be maximized with enough, or the right dose, so that all types of pests that come to attack the rice leaves quickly leave,,

the spray of the machine is better than ordinary spray that uses a pump behind it, because if the machine sprays the water comes out very fine and spreads very well, so all kinds of pests will be doused all with poison water,, if we spray with machine spray inside the rice stalks will penetrate into the ground, so all kinds of pests that enter the rice stalks and sit in the crevices, all will be splashed with poison, because the power of the machine is very strong and the water comes out evenly.

actually until today the growth of rice is very fertile as time goes by,, because pests attack very quickly, I have to deal with it immediately,, when it comes to rice tillers it also grows very well, more or less at one time there are rice tillers, there are more or less 35 to 40 rice saplings,, not only leaf pests and rice stem pests that come to attack,, or attack rice,,

What I fear the most is the attack of the rats, which come to bite the rice stalks. crop failure,,

just like that my story about rice care this time,, next time we will meet again....

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