📷 My beautiful Sunday at the masters fair

I wish you all a good day and a great evening! Today I suggest you take a walk with me at the Sunday fair here you can always find something interesting and entertaining for yourself: -)

Do you like going to fairs? There is always a lot of interesting and unique things there.

It was felt that all the funny figures were made with love, you can't pass them by :-)

I wanted to take a closer look at each one.

The masters will also tell you a story about the products. They will teach you how to work with clay.

It is believed that products made of coarse-grained clay, the so-called pottery, are more decorative. They are covered with glaze and have strengthening admixtures in their composition.

I also liked this miniature whale, pay attention to its teeth and eyes :-)

Looking at such products, already the mood improves. What did you like best?

And at the end, as always, there will be flowers.




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I wish you luck and have a nice day!

Best wishes,

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