Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramble- The Procrastinator in me must die!

Good morning all you hivers!

This morning I have realised I have a list of things I've been putting off doing. I have no excuse for not doing them at all. I simply pushed them out of my immediate thoughts as they were an inconvenience to my doing a lot of very little. In other words I couldn't be arsed to do them.


I realised this morning that this nagging shit feeling that creeps over me in the day is in some part due to this subconcious baggage. I know I should be doing it and should have done it but in some weird stubborn way just didn't want to. This has also caused me to ponder about how in life we tend to do this from time to time and in many ways it's like not clearing all the unused shit on your computer. it slows it down. It doesn't run as efficiently as it should. Once you take the time to delete all the bullshit off the computer it can breathe again and is happy to dance from task to task for you.


So today I clean house and get all that banal crap out the way. I know today will not be busy so I'll crack on with the dull, odious processing of stuff and then breathe and relax. Die inner procrastinator must die!!!



Stay safe out there people wherever you my be on the planet, take care




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