Rocket Fuel Coffee Morning Ramble- Me not Meh!

Good Morning all you lovely Hivers!

The morning vibe is, how can i put it? Meh. Just an all round meh. Not me though I am in singing stupid lyrics to well known songs and being generally annoying mode. If you ain't a morning person best stay away mwahahaha as I am not the slightest bit concerned.

The sky is so gloomy, the sea so uninviting and it's for sure going to rain but guess what? Nothing you can do about it is there so crack on.


We've had a few people cancel today so there will be very few divers today but as i always say the fish don't care if it's raining and it's on these days that interesting stuff tends to rock up.

One of our divers , Rick, never sees sharks, it's like he's got natural shark repellant. he should probably get a job as a Beach Life Guard in Australia, they'd love him. But I have a feeling that today he may just break the shark jinx. let's see.


As for the rest of the guys I'll dish out some chores for the morning as theres a few things need doing. It's payday too so letting them go in the afternoon isn't a bad thing seeing as how there really isn't anything on and it's a public holiday so they can enjoy the afternoon with the family. Filipinos are big on family so hey, why not. I'll be the good guy. Well the annoying morning person good guy today.


Hmmm coffee and more coffee. It's going down well this morning as its a little cooler and coffee always tastes good when the climate is a little cooler. Well it always tastes good what am I talking about. just gimme the damned coffee


Stay safe out there people wherever you may be on the planet, take care



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