All aboard! Are you on the Bus or off the Bus? Get on the #HIVE Bus!

Hi all you lovely Hivers,

So for me it's as Ken Kesey said in Tom Wolfes 'The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test' " you're either on the bus or off the bus" and this will be my all in attitude towards voting from this point. The casual browse and like shit is for faecesbook and I don't think it benefits anyone on this platform in the long term.

On the bus?


this morning I was thinking about the way I go about voting. I've always tried to keep it real, keep it organic and interesting. The Hivers I've encountered along the way have been pretty cool interesting and eclectic and this had me pondering. During todays early morning dump while I was browsing hive on the i pad, I thought if I like something enough to vote then I should really re blog and leave a comment and maybe even follow eh as if they've made one post that's caught my attention enough to stop and vote then there's probably going to be more. My vote isn't a whale vote (YET) but if i vote on your posts 100 times throughout the year then that adds up. So nurture and build relationships is certainly the way forward.

Building Relationships 🤣


This morning it was @fastchrisuk that caught my eye with the cool ass Lightpainting and then some travel stuff with @xcountytravelers which had me thinking back to my time in Colorado in the late 80's. Two more different posts and styles you could not get but for me they both entertained they both hit a nerve, scratched an itch and tickled my fancy, which as you can see in the above photo I am rather partial to.

Work harder


We have @nathanmars and @theycallmedan amongst others doing some hard work getting us all involved in getting the Hive word out there on twitter but once people are in the #hive it's up to all of us to make it the fertile creative place it should be.


Seeing some of the posts, be it photos or travel blogs you can learn much and it benefits us to put a bit of effort into it. It's easy to get a little disillusioned when you think you've put a great post together and it just doesn't get the traction you'd hoped for. But this could be for several reasons, maybe it's in the wrong community with the wrong tags or perhaps you are not engaging as much with people in the hive. @galenkp, @tarazkp, @bigtom13, @daveks, @dmilliz, @manoldonchev,@crazy-andy, @stevenwood, @slobberchops, @hidave,@juanvegetarian, @jerrytsuseer and @jaynie have kinda shown me the value of being involved even if it's just calling @krazzytrukker's cat a bit fat. This helps with everything in here and for sure will make the environment a much richer one even if not always in $ it's a great and positive platform and I think one goes hand in hand with the other. I think getting involved and the engagement with others is key.

On the bus or off the bus?

As #Hive grows so will the diversity of the communities and even the niche ones will start to have their own power players given time as the longer we are all in it the more we grow. Best keep it real and make the Hive flourish by doing the right thing.

off the bus?.... Nah I'm On!!!


Enjoy it or why bother & just be yourself !?


I'm still feeling my way and learning but what I do know is i do this because I enjoy it. It beats every platform online hands down and if one post doesn't do so well , hey it's not the end of the world. Do it, enjoy it, engage and the other rewards are a real bonus if they come. And the way I see it and as Ken Kesey also said

“Good writin' ain't necessarily good readin'.” Do what you like in whatever style you like. Beauty is indeed in the Eye of the Beholder

What a cutie!!!


Keep it in perspective


Come on! we ain't all gonna be crypto millionaires over night. Make the platform your own as thats the nature of it and with luck some results will follow. I've enjoyed the ride this far and in a short time seen the platform change a lot and it will continue to do so so GET ON THE HIVE BUS PEEPS!


Stay safe out there people wherever you are misbehavin' right now, take care



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