Fancy Wine Display - Weekend Shopping

Weekly grocery shopping is part of my life now, though I always forget to post timely. This weekend was exceptional and I was focused on more snacks rather than buying normal grocery things. I always store dry foods but the frozen section of my home is not big so every week I have to do shopping.

There are two superstores which I visit often, they are different from one another and products are different as well. The distance from my home to these two superstores is quite the same, they are more close to each other, near the metro station. So, basically, I have to go through both of them to find the necessary stuff.


I prefer the ATB superstore more than the other one, I like their environment and display section as well. Their collection of products are really good and easy to find as well. Moreover, what I like to eat are mostly available there. Just for other things, I have to go to another superstore.

Before talking about these fancy wine bottles, let me give you a quick tour of this typical superstore.



The orientation of this superstore is very nice as well as display, you will be able to find your necessary things easily. I mean they always keep necessary things with a few exceptional stuff which are not available around.



Obviously, it's a typical superstore but I like their ceiling design, slightly different.




These three zones are one of my favourite zones, most of the time I spend here exploring new sauces, masala and finding some nice snacks.


This is the cold zone or I would say frozen zone, almost all things are available except frozen vegetables. They don't have frozen vegetables which is kinda weird. For the Mexican mix, I always have to go to other shops, also they don't have frozen french fries as will.




I was moving around to find some drinks and suddenly saw this fancy wine zone. I am not very familiar with the wines so I don't know their name. Actually not familiar with these alcohols but I love how they displayed this zone.

Fascinating...If you are familiar with them please let me know...


I ended up buying these things, just for the weekend and for the entire week because most of the items are already available at my home.

I hope you enjoyed this #marketfriday post. Sorry, I am late though I have done this shopping on Friday. Somehow I couldn't post...

Have a nice weekend everyone...




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