Hive Creative Contest- What Makes Me Smile


At times life does get hard on us and our face may cease to light up ceasing the euphoria of a smile but in such situations, some things may cause us to smile no matter how hard life gets on us and for me, the five things that me smile are listed below:

A compliment from a stranger: When a loved one or friend compliments me most times I see it as a way of them trying to cheer me up and encouraging me so that I will keep on pushing but when a stranger gives me a compliment I know it's sincere and I just can't help but blush.

During my birthdays: No matter how tough life gets on me my birthdays are times I can't help but be happy for growing older is a blessing and indeed it's a great achievement to age. Last year (2019) was a tough year for me but still, that didn't stop me from celebrating my birthday neither did it stop my face from smiling.

When I achieved a tasking job/task: Some jobs can seem to be difficult and sotasking. So anytime I can accomplish a given task that's been a pain I can't just help but be proud of myself. It's one of those rare things that put a smile on my face.

When My Co-gender compliments me: Like receiving a compliment from a stranger, It's also delighting to me whenever a female like myself compliments me either for my outfit, beauty or intellect. I do see compliments from guys as normal because it seems most males were brought up to make ladies blush. lol
But when a fellow Lady compliments I know there is a high level of sincerity in such compliment.

Whenever I am told the words "I love you": Whether in a platonic or romantic form, I am a sucker for the words I love you, anytime those words fell on my ears, I do feel so elated like I am flying on the sky without wings because I find it so delightful that someone out there finds me worthy enough to give his/her love to.

Thanks for reading. This is my entry to Hive Creative Contest by @zord189

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