A Beautiful Sublime Sunday Beneath the Full Moon...

This full moon on the first of October is the Harvest Moon. It was shining big and bright on the evening of the full moon but alas being without my good camera I wasn't able to capture any good photos for it was too dark so I just soaked it all in!.

I had captured some shots of the full moon among the pine and spruce trees the day before and also among some light clouds the day after to share with you.

The last day of September and just after midnight the full moon was peeking through the tree branches by our deck creating some beautiful displays.

Bright Full Moon Shining Among the Pine Branches

bright orange full moon cradled surrounded by pine branches.JPG

Brilliant Orange Full Moon Cradled by Pine Branches

bright orange full moon cradled in pine branches.JPG

Close Up Full Moon Cradled by Pine Branches

full moon cradled in pine branches.JPG

Silhouettes of Pine Needles in Front of Bright Full Moon

pine branches on edges of full moon.JPG

Fine Spruce Branches in Front of Full Moon

fine branches and spruce needles in front of full moon.JPG

Close Up Orange Lined Full Moon with Pine Needle Designs

creative shot close up full moon with pine branches in front.JPG

Later in the evening I was able to get a clear shot of the moon to see the details of it. I count the day before and the day after the official full moon date too also be full moons. You can see in the image below there is only a slight sliver missing from the moon and the side with the missing part shows more details of the cratering on the moon's surface.

Close Up Full Moon With Details of Surface Taken Sept. 30

close up harvest full moon.JPG

Skip ahead a couple of days to the day after the full moon and I had stepped out to check if the moon would be giving a show that evening (or should I say early hours of the morning for it was after midnight.) There was enough light in the sky for the clouds to be highlighted but at first I didn't see the moon until it broke above the tree tops looking glorious among those light clouds.

Full Moon Above the Tree Tops Throwing Colorful Light on the Clouds Around It

behind the bushes the full moon shines among the colored clouds.JPG

Looking Through A Tunnel of Clouds to the Bright Full Moon

colored clouds circle full moon.JPG

Close to the full moon there was a bright orange star. EarthSky relayed the information that -

Mars is at its brightest until the year 2035 – will be near the Harvest Moon in late September and early October.

Mars Shining Brightly by the Full Moon Nestled in the Clouds

bright full moon and orange star above colored clouds.JPG

Closer View of Mars by the Full Moon

close view of full moon and bright orange star.JPG

Close Up of the Bright Star that is Mars

close up of bright orange star possibly mars taken Sept 29.JPG

Waiting for clearings in the clouds I zoomed in closer to see the details of the moon's surface which fascinates me! I wonder what made all those craters and what are those lines running out from the dot at the base of the moon ( that dot that has lines radiating out of it shows up on the upper part of the moon in the Southern Hemisphere opposite to where it is in the northern hemisphere - an observation of @papilloncharity as we use to compare moon shots being we live on opposite ends of the world, I'm in Canada and he is in South Africa)

Closer View of the Full Moon in the Clouds

bright full moon among colored clouds.JPG

Closer View of the Full Moon Colored Orange From the Flash

close up orange full moon.JPG

Close Up Full Moon Showing Details of It's surface Taken Oct. 2

close up of harvest full moon.JPG

Did you take in some of the magic of the full moon? With pictures? I'd love to see them if you care to share!


Big shout out to @ace108 for running the Beautiful Sunday tag every week supporting the accounts. Also to @c0ff33a for the Sublime Sunday tag for your random Sunday posts!

The photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

Thanks for stopping by!

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