The Whole Root and Nothing Left Of Root

What has a dandelion root got to do with Lifestyle Lounge?

If part of your lifestyle includes tilling ground or foraging for roots, have I got the tool for you!


I've been on a quest for labor and back saving gardening tools this year. So far, the Corona Soil Ripper is my favorite of three items I've plunked down money on. Links to my short posts about the other two items, a wheelbarrow and a cold frame, are below.

After agonizing over whether or not to purchase this $35 item, I made the plunge because of this big burly guy's recommendation. If it made a big burly guy's life easier, it was bound to make a little old lady happy too.

Last year I used a pick ax to break and till ground. It was so difficult I could only do one square foot a day, or my back would be very sore the next. This year, I could do quite a bit more with ease because of this little baby.



Although I bought the Corona Soil Ripper to till my veggie patch, I quickly found it to be an excellent tool for harvesting dandelion roots. Here's how.

Find the plant you want


A dandelion calling out to me


Apply the tool over the crown of the plant

Step down on the footpad, give the tool a couple twists in one direction, then a couple more in the other.



Remove tool

You will have loosened all the soil around the plant you want to a depth of over six inches, having not bent over once. Happy back!!!



Bend over

(but this is the only time you will have to do that) and give your plant a little tug. Out it comes, down to the tip of the root.


I've got my eye on a few types of dock coming up to use this on.

Eradicate garlic mustard from your yard by getting out ALL of the root.

This mullein root was a bit more difficult to get all of, but I did it.


This was in a very rocky place, on a slope, and would have been impossible to get out with either a pick ax or a shovel

I love this thing!!!

Thanks for reading about it
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Other time, and/or back, saving tools


Cold Frame

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