The Power of Thankfulness.

The Power of Thankfulness.

Today is a super nice day, very grateful to be able to make this publication, well this publication has like many missions, but all of thanks, that is, I want to say thank you in general, because it seems very nice to start an idea, a feeling and be able to transmit it hereby.

Thank you for my work, with it I help many people, to realize that; it opened my mind, I don't know how to express it, but it is how suddenly everything crystallized much more, that is, I take more structure, I already understand the depth of my effort, what are the consequences of doing what I do, then it made a lot more sense, a lot more reality, so I'm very grateful for that.

The theme of gratitude, that is, the energy of gratitude that is very very powerful because many times we live day by day saying thank you, we use this word thank you, thank you, thank you ... but many times it is simply a word that is, no We put the intention or the emotion that it may have and nothing happens, because we all use this word as simply a sample, I think the energy of gratitude, that is, deep, intense, internal gratitude is very, very transformative.

And I think it is one of the most powerful energies that we can feel in our life, especially to attract certain vibes, of peace, calm, stillness but also reflection; I have been practicing it for some time now, every day and how I do it, simple.

I am grateful for having my parents, my loved ones, my brothers and nieces, and allowing me to enjoy them, thanks for everything.

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