Daydreaming — A 240-Characters ZapFic Story

Break after Maths class. Ninth grade.

“Your haircut is stunning!”, says Claire Pattson, her cheeks blushing as she looks straight at him.

“Stunning your foes renders them immobilized for three seconds,” Sam ‘The Nerd Boy’ Woo replies. He doesn’t look back as he leaves the battlefield.

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This is my new entry for the weekly ZapFic challenge by The prompt this week is Stunning.

Were you a daydreamer? Do you recognize anybody from your school years in this story? Let me tell you something funny. I don't. When and where I grew up we had no nerd culture. Not yet. We were in college already when we began establishing it.

Oh, wait, I might be wrong. We did play computer games. Then again, that was only for a limited time per day since we had to save some pocket money to do so. Home PCs were not good enough and PC salons were booming. But the rest of each of our days was filled with sports, etc. Pen and paper games, comics books, etc. were still a distant cry from The West. So distant it was not actually heard in our neighborhood.

If you are zapped for the first time and you don't know what a ZapFic is, you might be interested in the explanation I gave within this entry of mine:

On The Previous Evening — A 240-Characters ZapFic Story

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Polyhedron Dice 2 crop s.jpg
The weapons some of us wield and stun foes with. The 20-sided dice for Dungeons&Dragons and other role-playing games. Called d20 in short.

Aperture F 5.6; Shutter Speed 0.62 sec.; ISO 200; Focal Length 50 mm and the image was cropped.

A sibling image of this one still holds the record for most sales amongst my ShutterStock uploads. Which does not say much since I am not really active with that kind of Photography. And it does say a lot, at the same time, since it shows that whatever your interests, you will find people like you across the globe. Almost whatever.

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