Still suffering with a bad back, shopping, Korean food and doing my good deed for the day. 💐

I had another not so bad night last night thankfully I didn't dream of fighting nor did I try to punch hubby, He had a lucky escape. He was home early today, the weather was bad so sent home from work as couldn't work on the houses. I got up, dressed and ready to go shopping with hubby, I needed a few things and I also needed to pick up a few things for hubby's mum to make sure she had enough in as this lockdown is going to last a while, I also bought hubby's mum a bunch of flowers, she loves her fresh flowers usually buying herself a bunch once a week, I thought a bunch would cheer her up with her being alone.Good deed done.

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I need to start looking for a new phone as the phone I have Samsung S8 is failing, I can't hear the caller, there voice is very quiet and that's with the phone turned right up. No one can call me, they have to call hubby or my daughter if they want to talk to me. Its very annoying, I hate having to change my phone, I have everything just the way I like it, all the apps, contacts and photo's are all in there place. Plus I don't really want to spend to much money but it has to last a while. I have been told to reset to factory settings but have so much on my phone I would worry in case I lost anything.

Whilst I was out shopping I bought Nichola a few presents to cheer her up a little, a pair of joggers, a pyjama set and some Korean food, she is in love with the food they eat, I bought her Raymun, Odon Noodles and Rice sticks. She loves the Raymun and wants to try other foods they eat. She watches a Korean You tuber called Hamzy. I sit with my mouth open watching this girl eat, She can put some food away.

Shopping done and dropped off at hubby's mums, home and hubby made food. I am still having problems with my back after my fall down the stairs before Christmas. I am finding it hard to move right or left without a crunching popping sound, I also have a lot of pain in my side around the waist. It's very hard to lie in bed, every time I try to change sides it's hard work.

I haven't anything planned for the weekend, with being in lockdown we can't go anywhere as everything is shut and the police are watching ready to fine you on the spot. We can go to the shop for essentials and drop off essentials to someone isolating, so as far as I get is to his mums to drop off her shopping.

I have had a buy day for a change tomorrow will be doing nothing, if the weather is Ok I may take a look at my garden as haven't been out there since I fell down the stairs. There will be a lot to do out there, just hope my back can manage or I may have to drag hubby out to help, He isn't a gardener, he's not keen on messing around in the dirt but does love it when the flowers come out and brighten up our gardens. I do know there is Snow on its way, hubby said it was falling hard where he works, I HATE SNOW. Fingers crossed it misses me.

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