Playing mobile games to keep me occupied, proud of reaching the top 🏆 👊😁

I have seen how much I have changed over the years, I used to be stronger, more in charge of what I can do and liked to give as much as I took. Since becoming disabled I can see the fight slowly slipping away, hubby has said its like having the stuffing kicked out of me. I wasn't bothered about anything, didn't want to try and do anything and everything I did start I usually gave up with a dismissive attitude.

I had started loads of games on my phone,

Candy Crush
Word Search
And so many more.

I have never completed any of them or anywhere near completed. I would get through quite a few levels as starting a new game nearly always becomes an addiction for a few weeks. I would then get sick of it delete it then download another. I have this Bound to fail so I give up, jut a little gift from my parents that I carry around with me and use all the time.

That was until 2021, I started a game on my mobile phone at the beginning of 2020. I used to the game to get me through the Lockdown, playing it all the time. I had a little bet with myself that I had to stick with one game and try and get the best scores. I started Matchington Mansion I have reached level 5311, I am in a group of 30 sticking to 5th person but this morning for a short time I reached NUMBER 1 when I reached 5307, someone has over took me at the moment I am at number 2.

MM gam stats.jpg

I have reached the last update where they added another 62 levels, I will then have to wait for the next update and will be stuck on bonus levels until they add more.

I am really proud of myself for sticking with it, I have no intentions of stopping as loving the competition, maybe I am getting a little spark back to my old self.

Having Mental Health problems can become very draining as if your having a relapse everything is given up, I am hoping this game helps me through my low times. Its a good game and I get a mansion with lots of different holiday spots Sadly its not real. I can pretend.

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