Not feeling to good, Luna looks like she is having a good day. 🐕🐶 And a little Bingo win 😯 😊

I think I am coming down with something as have seen a difference in my sleeping pattern, I am usually tired all the time but manage a few hours up doing small tasks but since Monday night my pattern has changed a lot, I didn't sleep at all on Monday night then slept most of the day (which was expected) but then I went to bed early on Tuesday around 10 night with hubby as he was shattered, I was expecting to lay awake until the early hours as I have done in the past to fall asleep ten minute after getting into bed then sleep all day Wednesday, I got out of bed at 4m, had to make an effort but wanted to stay there and sleep. When I got downstairs I mentioned how I was feeling with both hubby and Nichola feeling much the same as me.

I have sat and watched a little TV with hubby, with not feeling to good I didn't have much of an appetite so threw in a Fast day drinking lots of water to hopefully help me feel better. I will definitely be having another early night.

Its been another cold day, hubby got sent home from work again as the weather was to cold to lay bricks, it has to be 3 degrees and rising the temperature was zero.

What did make me laugh was my dogs, they always cheer me up and make me smile, she made us all laugh.


Lunas face.jpg

Her and Mika were laying on the small sofa, I think Mika thinks Luna is her baby as they are always doing this.

Girls having fun.jpg

Mika is always cleaning Luna and it seems Luna enjoys it a bit to much looking at her face. They get on really well together as long as Luna lies still.

I did have some good luck on Monday, I played a free game on Buzz bingo. Its a game based on The Voice TV Singing contest, There's four chairs, you chose one, when it turns it tells you the prize you have won, I got a free entry into the 9ocklock free game where I won £25, I am now using that to have a few games courtesy of Buzz Bingo. Hoping I am due some better luck for a bigger win.

Time for my bed and hopefully tomorrow I wake up feeling a little less tired.

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